Sink Therapy [ Featured ]
I enjoy washing my dishes just a little bit more than most. :)
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Grey the Cockatiel [ Featured ]
This is Grey the Cockatiel. He doesn't mind the camera.
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African Dwarf Frogs [ Featured ]
Here is a short video of my African Dwarf Frogs.
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Seahorses [ Featured ]
Dancing Together
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Anesthesia Issues - Part One [ Featured ]
Anesthesia can be a very exciting and scary topic. I came across this detailed video where P.K. Hendrix, DVM, PhD, DACVA, lectures on issues related to anesthesia during surgical procedures on animals. Remember to always talk with your veterinarian before implementing any of these techniques.
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Veterinary Anesthetic Machine [ Featured ]
Back to basics. This helpful video I came across goes over the components of an anesthetic machine from start to finish. Enjoy!
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Tick Myth - Cats Don't Get Ticks [ Featured ]
Dr Susan Little debunks the myth that cats don't get ticks.
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Canine IV Catheter Placement [ Featured ]
IV access is important for many procedures and this video will walk you through how to place a cephalic intravenous catheter in a dog.
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Administering Vaccines - Canine [ Featured ]
On location at Rose City Veterinary Hospital, Becky Smith CVT, VTS (Clinical Practice) demonstrates the proper location of canine vaccines and administers vaccines to a puppy. Megan Brashear plays a supporting role with skilled puppy restraint.
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Emergency Triage [ Featured ]
This video gives an overview of emergency triage both on the phone and in the lobby of your clinic.
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Guinea Pigs As Pets [ Featured ]
If your thinking about getting a Guinea Pig as a pet, here are a few tips to consider before bringing one into your home.
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Dog First Aid Kits: Supplies You Should Pack [ Featured ]
Veterinarian Dr. Sarah Wooten reviews basic first aid supplies to take when hiking and camping with dogs, like bandages, tweezers and a muzzle.
Short Url...
Angry Cat at the Vet - Fractious Cat Restraint [ Featured ]
In this video you will see one of the ways to best restrain a fractious cat.
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Dog Bite Prevention in Children [ Featured ]
Dog bites are the second most costly public health problem in the United States, exceeded only by sexually transmitted diseases. Every year, almost 2% of the population is bitten by a dog. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, GA, estimate that of 4.5 million bites, almost 800,000 are serious enough to require medical attention.
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Oncology in Pets [ Featured ]
In this video you will learn what Oncology is and that there are methods available to help your pet.
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Male Canine Urinary Catheter Placement [ Featured ]
In this video you will see one of the ways to place a urinary catheter in a male dog for urinary collection.
Short Url...
Collect Ear Swab For Malethezzia Evaluation [ Featured ]
In this video you will see one of the ways to collect an ear swab and prepare it for Malethezzia evaluation.
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